Some time you are so focused on the day to day function of running a business that you forget to take a breath and review the achievements of the company and consider what a fantastic job everybody is actually doing.

So, image my surprise when a highly respected industry research company, namely, Plimsoll Analysis and their senior analyst, Christopher Evans, named Brandshare as one of the UK’s highest performing magazine media companies – high praise indeed.

  1. The report went on to suggest that Brandshare has been rated as STRONG in terms of benchmarking against all the other media and publishing firms in the sector.
  2. That Brandshare is one of only a few groups in the sector that are actual GROWING in terms of turnover and profit
  3. Brandshare is one of the most profitable companies in the sector.
  4. We are in the top 10 of the fastest growing groups in the UK today.

Given that the Plimsoll Analyst is the most comprehensive analysis of its kind in the media sector today this is indeed something to be proud of and gives us the opportunity to blow our own trumpet for once.

“With this great news and for Brandshare to be listed so highly against some of Britain’s biggest consumer magazine publisher it will give us the opportunity to launch more magazines, make bigger acquisitions and grow our existing business” according to Graham Smith, Brandshare chief operating officer.

“We are also looking to put a greater proportion of our resources into developing the company and we are looking to accelerate our new title launch program with our first steps into the B2B marketplace with the launch of PetWork (working title) in the coming months and 2 more titles planned before the end of the year. We also have access to private equity funds to allow us to do this”.

Exciting times ahead and none of this could have ever been done without the fantastic work of everyone who works for the company, so my advice is to take that breath for a moment and appreciate you fellow workers.