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We have more than 20 years’ experience of making our award-winning publications feel like a friend dropping in.

Keeping a brand alive and fresh over so many years isn’t a fluke.

You have to really love a magazine to subscribe to it for years on end and the lessons learned on how to move people from passing trade into caring, long-term, committed customers is a real, tangible skill.

As our flagship magazine strapline says, “Easy on the eye, a nose for news and a heart of gold. “Our brand was built on warmth, trust and loyalty. And it kept that relationship fresh, current and essential with innovation and a lack of complacency.

Technically, our publications tick every box and win the admiration of much larger companies and quite a few newspaper editors, who have surprised us by reading literally our every word.

Our mix of functional design, top-notch informed journalism, brilliant photography and unique, innovative content has made our flagship magazine unmissible for pet owners (and fellow journalists and TV researchers!) for more than 20 years.

In a world where magazines are described as a sunset industry, we are enjoying

an Indian summer.

Very often we have been uniquely placed to match a corporate client’s wishes with the needs of a popular charity. Big successful charity brands are often very shy of direct commercial associations. We have a track record of creating amazing fusions that would never otherwise be possible.

Results that provide a win, win, win for the brand, the charity and the consumer. For example, our Bridget Bones Diary made Marketing Week’s front page a few years ago.

Winalot got huge warmth by association, Dogs Trust received donations worth four times the money Winalot spent on the promotion, and both organisations’ target messages were hit bang on with no negatives whatsoever.

It reached a massive audience, both through the magazine and via extensive outside media coverage. The end result, a co-sponsored diary, was treasured all year as each week we told the story of another rescue dog that – unlike Bridget Jones – had found everlasting love.

We listen, we innovate, we deliver and we constantly surprise and surpass expectation.