It’s important to identify the main trends for 2019 so that marketers and agencies like us know what to expect from the year ahead. We like to be one step ahead of the industry, so we can promise our clients the best work we can. In this blog post, I have identified the fundamental changes we’re expecting to see in the new year.

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Integrated Marketing Strategies

We’re already aware of how successful integrated campaigns can be. Consumers seeing a marketing message on multiple different platforms means they are far more likely to remember it, even subconsciously. A customer remembering your brand when a problem arises in their life is essential for your brand to make sales; so, within your marketing, you must present yourself as a solution to a consumer’s problem. Customer experience has become vital to the modern consumer. Marketing a disinteresting brand on one channel is going to struggle to get customer attention, especially in a fragmented industry.

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Video Advertising and Live Videos

Video advertising exploded in 2018. Video marketing campaigns have seen better results than ever before. 52% of consumers say that watching product videos make them more confident in making a purchase decision. Videos hold more trust to a consumer than a still photo does. Video advertising is set to continue and improve throughout 2019, with more opportunities for targeting than ever before.

Another trend in the world of video is live streaming going mainstream. With Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Periscope and YouTube Live just scraping the surface of the live streaming platforms available today; it’s safe to say live stream will be growing in 2019.

Social media usage has skyrocketed over the last year. Instagram is set to remain popular with the younger generation and stats show 1.3 billion users on Facebook now use Facebook Messenger daily. According to a ZDnet study, over 2 billion messages are sent between people and businesses on Facebook Messenger every month, and 55 billion messages are sent via WhatsApp daily.

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Personalisation and Ad Blockers

Despite the GDPR rulings made in 2018, personalisation will still be improving throughout 2019 and becoming far more technologically advanced. (You can read my GDPR blog to learn more about the subject by clicking here). Brands have realised it’s more effective to use smaller points of personalisation than generating a wide-scale campaign, because it’s simply more personable!

According to recent customer research, 75% of customers are not happy or responsive to a generic promotion anymore, and 58% of customers would prefer to receive offers via digital channels, which probably has something to do with digitally-aware millennials. A DMEXCO study states that personalised communication is essential to 75% of a brand’s future. Personalisation is one of the most effective ways to create a relationship with a consumer and guide a consumer to an emotional response. The changes in personalisation trends will generate far better customer experiences whilst still abiding by privacy laws.

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Personalisation helps combat ad-blockers. In fact, Adobe found that 78% of consumers ‘like them’ and find them more interesting than generic adverts. Personalisation in recent years has already made consumers more open to advertising, which is combatting the direct effects from the GDPR change of laws. People not minding adverts in their inbox means fewer opt-outers, and more opportunities for businesses to thrive.

Ad blockers are set to become more of a problem for advertisers. An IAB study says 26% of desktop users turn on ad blockers, which is growing every year. People are blaming ads for making websites slower, and advertisers are blaming them for people not seeing their ads. People use these because of the common conception that adverts are annoying and not of any use to a consumer.

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We Are Brandshare

A lot will be changing in the new year. The marketing industry will continue to evolve, and we’re staying on top of it. We’re looking forward to developing our existing techniques further and looking for new ones to benefit our consumers and produce the best work of our ability. Brandshare wish you the happiest of New Years and hope 2019 is full of joy and success. We hope to hear from you at some point!

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