Keep a diary of appointments/things to remember

Let’s kick off this blog with an easy, self-explanatory point. To put it bluntly, keeping a diary will help you remember stuff that you need to remember. You can pencil-in any appointments you have, and don’t feel silly writing in small things like feeding the dog or remembering to have your morning cup of tea. It’s a very accomplishing feeling once you’ve ticked all your jobs off for the day. Get organised today!

        To-do lists

Possibly the best thing ever. Helps you get your s**t done efficiently and it makes you feel amazing when you do it. To do lists bring order into your life, helps you delegate and prioritised tasks, and makes you FEEL productive. Any form of list helps bring order to things.

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        Set achievable goals for both long and short term

Because there is truly no better feeling than accomplishment! It’s very motivating and makes you feel good about yourself. You can do this in every aspect of your life; business goals, financial goals, personal goals or whatever goals that you believe will benefit you. It provides direction and a clearer focus on what’s important. It puts you in complete control of your future.

        Tidy up your desk/room/life

Tidy life equals a tidy mind. Because it would be hard to be organised when your belongings are cluttered and all over the place. Clutter acts as visual noise on the brain, which can stop you focusing on other aspects of your life. If everything around you is organised, you’ll start to blend in! Working at an untidy desk is just annoying, and your boss probably wishes you’d tidy it too.

It’s January, a fresh year, and a perfect time to have a real spring (or winter) clean to sort your environment out.

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        Sort out your paperwork

Nothing says stress like loads of paperwork that hasn’t been touched but is building up day-by-day. Be realistic about how long it will take to do, you can always break it into chunks to make it more manageable. Dedicating a few hours to sorting through it will feel like a huge achievement once you’ve done it – especially if it’s one of those jobs that you’ve been dreading for weeks. Do you really need those old leaflets, catalogues or junk mail? Shove-it-in-a-draw-and-forget-about-it is not an effective way of sorting it either – it WILL come back to haunt you.

        Get into a strict routine and stick to it

Although getting into a routine can be very challenging, once you’re there it can prove very beneficial on your quality of life. Eight hours sleep is the dream, which few of us get. A good routine can help gain more sleep time which means a more productive, energy-filled day. According to a Bulletproof study, a good quality sleep increases your ability to gain new insight into complex problems by 50%. Sleep should be a priority, but we’re aware that’s not as easy as it seems with life’s commitments. There are several things you can do to help yourself, like not using your phone before bed, exercising daily, and sticking to a sleeping schedule.

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        Life-evaluate every Sunday

Evaluate the week that you’ve had on a weekly basis. We think Sunday is the perfect day to do this, as its usually a day of rest and reflection. Think about what you achieved during the week, and what didn’t go so well. Monday is a new week and gives you a chance to improve on your actions from the week previous. This can help you get organised for the upcoming week and schedule any appointments or plans you have.


There are endless health benefits of picking up a good book and getting stuck into it. Taking your mind away from the stress of daily life, even for just a short amount of time, allows you to zone out and immerse yourself in someone else’s life. It’s proven that reading can help reduce stress and relax, and it’s a great method to help you fall asleep too. It can improve your writing skills, vocabulary, memory and so much more – and there’s a book for just about everyone.

Book: chapter six


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